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I should get some things out of the way since I’ve unfortunately been under a cycle of posting an update after a review almost all the time. And any review that I work on winds up taking longer than I expect. Either real life problems, or a stump that run into, such as a crash I had with Twilight’s Kingdom.


The first I should get out the way is the review of Hearts and Hooves Day. No hesitation, I recently had lost the Sony Vegas file after formatting my computer and restoring it to its factory settings. This was due to the unusual behavior I was getting, and I was worried I had a virus. I thought I had my review backed up with my other works along with a file that has the settings I wanted for when I review episodes in the future. But alas, I didn’t include the folder where I had my review files… yeah I even forgot to include Lesson Zero, which was another review I was working on simultaneously. So yeah, after all that hard work, I lost it all. Part of what frustrates me is that the hardest part for me is recording my lines and scripting it out. It’s tedious and it’s frustrating to find any time privately to record before I get interrupted by someone who wonders in my room and hovercrafts. I’m just sensitive like that. And recently my mom took over my brother’s room for her own knitting time. And periodically she tells me to quiet down if I’m being too loud. So that makes matters REALLY difficult for me.


What also doesn’t help is pressure. :icondrwolf010: has another AMWDW with me and :iconcosmicchrissy:. Since some of you have been asking me about me and her, I’ll just get it out of the way. Yes she and I are together for real. What we have discussed is on its way to being finished either later this month or early January. So what does this have to do with my Hearts and Hooves Day review? Well the topic Key and I have has a strong relevance to the review and I want to make it sure it’s finished first before our Moment with Dr. Wolf gets put out in order to stay connected. I’m not sure why Doc wants his moment with us done soon, maybe it’s because of his list of projects he has in the future and maybe he wants this one off his shoulders. I don’t know. What I do know is, I’m still going to work on Hearts and Hooves Day review, but it’s going to take longer than I expected. As if that wasn’t old enough news, right?


In addition, Hearts and Hooves Day was discussed so much between me and Key, that I’ve split the review in two parts. Same thing I did with Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. For those who ask why I do that, it’s because I’ve been under a stupid penalty where I’m only allowed to submit videos under 15 minutes for “Copyright” reasons. I’m not sure how Mr. Enter was able to get by this dilemma. The Hearts and Hooves Day review was in audio length of roughly 20 minutes. I also want reviews to have an even length, which means I wanted both parts to be 10 minutes roughly to even the review out. No 15 minutes part 1 and 5 minutes part 2. Hell in my Super Speedy review, the length was about 35 minutes and I had to trim both ends to make sure they were under 15. Yeah, YouTube? You’ve got problems…


Regarding my Lesson Zero review, I was going to present it in a Sequelitis parody. Even though I edited so much of the audio and its effects, I started having some second thoughts about the idea. Most often, I was comparing MLP to the current events on TV and the public’s eye on Bronies, and my reasoning in loving the episode felt too forced. So basically I’m switching back to the general review formula instead of giving it the Sequelitis treatment, and hopefully my review for the episode would be more informative than exaggerative.


Lastly I had this idea over my head where I explained some things behind episodes I reviewed from Season 4 as follow ups. Similar to what :iconstrebiskunk: did. Since I was harsh on the season, the episodes I wanted to include were the ones I was too mean on the most, or so whereabouts. Most notably Filli Vanilli and how brutal I was to Pinkie Pie. But there’s also Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 where I unexpectedly was harsh on a few points when I didn’t intend to. In fact, I’ve been wanting to like the episode more when watching it again. I guess the episode aged better for me.


So that’s about it. I hope to get Hearts and Hooves Day finished on time

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Do you think people are right when they say "Dragon Quest" is racist, sexist, and offensive? I personally agree with them.
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I'm sorry if I keep pestering you with these questions, but I want to ask two things.

1. Who is/are your favorite actor(s)?

2. Can you comment on these articles?……
golden-fox19 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
As far as voice actors go, I don't think too much about. However, in the show itself they do a great job in every episode, including the ones I didn't like.
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Well, that's something we can agree on.
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